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Community Planning and Facility Partnership

319 Community Planning And Facility Partnership Policy (Partnership Application Form) provides direction to work with community partners in order to share facilities to the benefit of the Board, students and the community, and to optimize the use of public assets owned by the Board. Existing schools with surplus space  that are eligible for potential partnerships are outlined in the Identified Schools Reports, which are presented to the Board each year. The Planning Department typically prepares an annual Community Planning Facility Partnership Report which, this year, is included as part of the LTAP Comprehensive Review. 

The report provides an update on the potential use of surplus space and/or potential co-build opportunities community partnership opportunities in accordance with Policy 319.

The Community Planning and Facility Partnership Section, of the LTAP Report, advises that there are no partnership opportunities or suitable surplus spaces in operating schools at this time, however the Board is agreeable to discuss potential partnership opportunities that arise throughout the year.  Further, consideration of co-build opportunities for new schools are still available, subject to approval by the Ministry of Education through the Capital Priorities Program.

Annual Partnership Meeting

As per the policy, a Community Planning and Partnership public meeting is required to be held on an annual basis to share, discuss and solicit interest regarding potential planning and partnership opportunities with community organizations and the public. The latest virtual meeting was held on October 4, 2023 with the presentation found below. 

Ministry of Education Guidelines

The Ministry of Education’s Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline is intended to assist school boards in establishing more facility partnerships, and to support effective planning with community partners for the use of space in new and existing facilities. This guideline was released in conjunction with the revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines.

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