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Facility Partnerships

Policy 319 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships provides direction to work with community partners in order to share facilities to the benefit of the Board, students and the community, and to optimize the use of public assets owned by the Board. Existing schools with surplus space  that are eligible for potential partnerships are outlined in the Identified Schools Reports, which are presented to the Board each year. The Planning Department also prepares an annual Facility Partnership Report.

2019/20 Facility Partnership Report

In accordance with Board Policy 319 – Facility Partnerships, a report was presented to Trustees on September 11, 2018. The report indicates that there are currently no partnership opportunities or suitable surplus spaces available at this time in existing facilities, however Staff are directed to consult the partnership list regarding interest in co-build opportunities at possible future schools and additions in the jurisdiction.

Since the last partnership meeting, the Board has approved the first annual review of the Long Term Accommodation Plan and on September 10, 2019 Capital Priorities Program (CPP) recommendations were presented to the Board. Co-terminus school boards and Consolidated Municipal Services Managers (CMSMs) were contacted with respect to partnership opportunities related to the following projects which were identified as priorities within the Ministry of Education’s 2023/24 funding window:

• New northwest Fergus elementary school (Centre Wellington)
• Hyland Heights ES addition (Shelburne)
• Glenbrook ES addition (Shelburne)

It remains appropriate to share opportunities highlighted in the beyond the current CPP, including:

• Island Lake Addition (Orangeville)
• New Clair-Maltby Elementary School #1 (South Guelph)
• Credit Meadows Addition (Orangeville)
• New Shelburne Elementary School (Shelburne)
• New Grand Valley Elementary School (Grand Valley)
• New Clair Maltby Elementary School #2 (South Guelph)

Annual Partnership Meeting

In accordance with Ministry guideline and Board policy, the Board is required to host a partnership meeting to advise prospective partners about space available in schools or co-build opportunities. Partners were invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 3:30pm at the Wellington County Museum, 0536 Wellington Road 18 in Aboyne. 

Partnership Meeting Presentation

Ministry of Education Guidelines

The Ministry of Education released revised facility partnership guidelines in March 2015. The new Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline is intended to assist school boards in establishing more facility partnerships, and to support effective planning with community partners for the use of space in new and existing facilities. This guideline was released in conjunction with the revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines.