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Primrose ES Attendance Boundary Review

Primrose ES is a small rural school with an On-The Ground (OTG) [operating] capacity of 377 pupil spaces and serviced by private well and septic system. In recent years, Primrose ES has experienced enrolment pressure and the current enrolment is 582 students (unofficial Sept 2023).

A Boundary Review Process has been started to resolve accommodation pressure at Primrose ES. A Boundary Review is a staff administrative process that provides the structure for reviewing a variety of accommodation options for resolving an issue with overcapacity or underutilized schools or when determining a new school boundary. Policy 320 – School Boundary Review

Any approved changes are expected to be implemented for the 2024-25 school year.

Beginning in September 2023 and involving:

How to Get Involved

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Reports, Presentations and Notices                                

All comments and feedback received during this process will be presented to Trustees in the Final Report for their consideration.  Please be advised any feedback received through this process will become part of a public record redacted for any identifying or improper content.