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Centennial Hylands Elementary School

Address:  35 School Road, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3S5
Phone Number: 519-925-2142
Fax Number: 519-925-0540
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Instructional Hours: 8:55am – 3:15pm
School Website:
Student Transportation:

Before and/or After School Program: Yes
Child Care: Yes

Principal: Tammy Fleming
Vice-Principal: Jaime Wouters (temporary)
Office Co-ordinator: Eleanor Slawson
Superintendent: Denise Heaslip
Trustee: Lynn Topping
School Council: Tracey King-McFarlane

Grades: JK-8 RT, JK-8 FI
School Population: 406
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Centennial Hylands is a school where students experience exceptional learning and engaging educational opportunities.  At Centennial Hylands, we are “Learning to lean together.”  Students in grades K – 8 enjoy coming to school on a daily basis.  Students are welcomed at 8:45 a.m. with welcome music, O’Canada and announcements.  

The staff at Centennial Hylands is dedicated to ensuring that all students are able to successfully access the curriculum.  The staff engage in ongoing professional learning, focusing on academic excellence in math and language. The staff are also continually learning about how to help students persevere with challenging tasks.  

Centennial Hylands has three 100 min instructional blocks and two 45 minute nutrition breaks. Students are dismissed at 3:15 p.m.  Students are fairly equally divided between those who are bussed to school and those who walk.

We have a school hamster named Blitz and our mascot is Chester, the husky.

Our school has three programs: English, French Immersion, Developmentally Delayed.  The students in all of these programs combine to give the school a total population of just over 400 students.  The library at Centennial Hylands is transitioning to a Learning Commons, which includes Maker Space, technology and coding, and, of course, lots of books.  

The school provides a great learning environment and the staff believe that:

We are proud of our balanced academic programming, including using computer technology, and our active participation in the arts and athletic programs.  Throughout the year, students have multiple opportunities to be involved in sports, arts, and club activities.

Our School Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss the happenings at the school and how they can best meet the needs of our school community.