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Parents/guardians at Waverley Drive PS pay it forward with pizza

March 28, 2022

Waverley Drive Public School is ensuring that all pieces of the pie are shared equally in more ways than one. 

Waverley Drive PS is excited to be able offer pizza days again after COVID-19 restrictions had been lifted. Staff at Waverley Drive PS wanted to make sure that pizza day didn’t exclude any student from participating.

We have been working on looking at all of our activities through an equity lens and making all activities at school fair and equally accessible,” said Jennifer Oussoren, Vice-Principal at Waverley Drive PS.

Parents were given the option of donating money to buy pizza for students through pizza orders on the school cash online program. 

“Our generous community donated $1700 so that we can buy extra pizza on pizza days and all students can be included in Pizza Day,” said Oussoren.

On Pizza Day, any student who did not order pizza and who would like a piece can come to the office for a slice. 

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