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SHSM students immerse themselves in artistry at Canadian Clay and Glass Museum

May 15, 2024

WATERLOO, ON – On May 10, 2024, Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students from Wellington Heights Secondary School visited the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum in Waterloo, Ontario, for a day of learning about artistic expression.

This special SHSM day allowed students to learn about sculptures and glassworks and experience hands-on pottery-making in the museum’s studio, leaving them inspired by the power of art and creativity.

Led by the museum’s knowledgeable staff, students embarked on a day of exploration through the museum’s galleries. From ceramic vases to delicate glass sculptures, each artwork served as a window into the creativity of the human spirit. The centerpiece collection called Resonance was made by artists who are raising awareness for a variety of social issues including ecosystem collapse and systemic racism, fostering activism and personal connections.

Throughout the day, students soaked in the museum’s sights and sounds, their imaginations ignited by the stories behind each piece. They asked questions, engaged in discussions, and forged connections with the art that surrounded them.

The highlight of their visit awaited them in the museum’s pottery studio. Here, students were given the opportunity to get hands-on experience working with clay.

Under the guidance of skilled instructors, WHSS students learned the basics of pottery-making and shaping clay. Laughter echoed through the studio as the students molded and sculpted, each piece a testament to their newfound skills and artistic vision.

As this SHSM event ended, the students left the gallery with hearts full of inspiration and minds buzzing with new creativity.

WHSS Clay Museum 1 WHSS Clay Museum 2

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