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Students at Guelph Lake PS set model canoe project over water

May 24, 2023

Guelph, ON – Last Friday, a group of female students at Guelph Lake Public School launched their model size canoe into a body of water to see if it and their plushie passengers would sink or swim. 

For five days a week from October 2022 to February 2023, these nine female students – Vanessa, Sadie, Payton, Sophie, Zoe, Carissa, Caiya, Miranda, and Emma – became the core group to take the bow and lead the STEM project of building a model size canoe, which they finally launched last week. 

The time the students spent working on the project totalled more than 100 hours. Their teacher David Kaufman said that he hoped this would be “a lasting memory” for the students. 

The group is unsure what they might build next, but after its launch the group has plans to hang the canoe in their school’s foyer as a light fixture for all current and future students to see. 

This photo features a canoe with four plushies floating over the water. This photo features a group of 8 female students and 1 male teacher smiling and posing with their model canoe filled with stuff toys.



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