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UG educator wins Todd Pottle Award for excellence in eLearning

May 22, 2024

Guelph, ON — A big congratulations to Steve Wynen – a dedicated Upper Grand DSB educator in the online education space – who has won the prestigious OeLC 2024 Todd Pottle Award for Excellence in eLearning.

“I was very much humbled by the recognition,” Wynen shared. “To be recognized by the consortium for our collaborative efforts to improve eLearning for students across the province is truly an honour.”

The Todd Pottle Award, first presented to its namesake two years ago, is determined by the Consortium Team and celebrates leaders who have significantly contributed to the growth and development of eLearning.

Wynen’s journey in online education began in 2008, leading to his role as UGDSB’s first eLearning Contact and later as Chair of the OeLC. During the pandemic, he became the Principal for the Secondary Remote Program, continuing to advance eLearning initiatives.

Wynen noted that during his time as an online educator that students have taken online courses for a variety of reasons but he hopes that “by providing a rich program and sharing courses between boards in the consortium, students have much choice and flexibility in pursuing their OSSD.”

He emphasized that the UGDSB’s decade-long membership with the OeLC has enhanced learning opportunities for students and fostered the sharing of best practices and resources, continuously improving their eLearning experience. 

Wynen’s dedication ensures that students receive an engaging and thorough online education, tailored to their needs, and his leadership will continue to inspire the future of eLearning.

This photo feature Steve Wynen receiving the Todd Pottle Award for excellence in eLearning.

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