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UGDSB launching temporary remote option for elementary students once in-person learning resumes

January 12, 2022

The Upper Grand District School Board is developing a Temporary Remote Learning Option for elementary students that will be launched once in-person learning resumes on January 17, 2022. 

Please note that the UGDSB has layers of protective measures in place at our schools. Learn more about these measures here

We understand and value the importance of families having choice, especially during unprecedented times, and we want to provide a temporary option for families as an alternative to in-person learning, which also allows students to continue with their grade specific curriculum when at home for a short/limited period of time. 

This temporary option is different from the current standalone Elementary Remote Program that some students enrolled in at the beginning of the school year. This temporary remote option will allow students to remain connected to their in-person class, with an expectation that they will return to their original in-person teacher and classmates. 

Families should note that this temporary remote learning option provides asynchronous resources for students to work on independently while not attending in-person.  This option does not include synchronous/live teaching (online instruction) or assessment of work that has been completed. Parents/guardians would receive a link to grade appropriate activities at the beginning of each week and a team of remote teachers would be available for parents/guardians to ask questions about the work provided.  A student’s classroom teacher from their home school would continue to check in on students throughout the week. This temporary option is available to students in both French Immersion and Regular programming.

Temporary remote is not intended as a long-term replacement for in-person learning, but to provide an option that supports the continuation of learning while students are temporarily absent from in-person learning and completing work at home. 

This temporary option will become available once schools are permitted to reopen to in-person instruction. At that time, any families who wish to participate in the elementary temporary remote option would be required to notify their school office indicating that their child will be accessing temporary remote and indicate the length of time they anticipate their child will continue learning remotely.

If families have questions regarding the temporary remote option, they are encouraged to reach out to their school office. 

Note – For purposes of the UGDSB reporting daily school absences: Students participating in the temporary remote option would be marked as ‘present but learning at home’ and on the UGDSB’s absence report would be considered ‘present.’ 

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