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UGDSB participates in FOLD Kids Book Fest, celebrating underrepresented authors and storytellers

November 1, 2021

GUELPH, Ontario — Since the Festival of Literary Diversity’s (FOLD) inception in 2016, it has been devoted to celebrating underrepresented authors and storytellers. 

The FOLD’s mission is to provide new and innovative opportunities to engage readers, inspire writers, and empower educators and students. The Festival’s mission aligns with the board’s commitment to learning about and practicing cultural, historical and critically-focused literacy. 

Some UGDSB teacher librarians will be hosting FOLD for students in their school’s learning commons and teachers will be streaming it into their classrooms. The FOLD Kids Book Fest is an opportunity for students to hear readings and presentations by authors from a variety of cultures and communities. 

The FOLD Kids Book Fest will also hold educator sessions such as “Crisis In the Classroom” with authors David A Robertson, Khodi Dill and Tash McAdam about “how the pandemic and contemporary conversations are affecting classrooms and kids.”

UGDSB students will be participating in the FOLD Kids Book Fest from November 4 and 5. 

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