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UGDSB students learn about Black History through CEEP Project

February 14, 2020

SHELBURNE, Ontario – Upper Grand District School Board students in Shelburne are immersing themselves in Black History this month through a CEEP Project.

The CEEP Project is a cultural education immersion program that aims to develop and foster community spirit by promoting arts and education with the community.

UGDSB students learn about Black History through CEEP Project

The Black History focus that CEEP is offering to Shelburne students is a four-week enrichment program that honours the triumphs and struggles of Black people throughout history.

Shelburne schools were able to experience this enrichment program as a result of a community grant that was provided to Shelburne schools.

Throughout the month of February, each Shelburne area school will be visited by CEEP for a themed Black History presentation. The themes include career, sports, entertainment, military, food and an underground railroad exposé.

Students are learning lessons through guest speakers, dance lessons, showcases and more.

Black History work at the Upper Grand is work that happens year-round. Share with @ugdsb how your school is celebrating Black History. 

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