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Wellington Heights SS students share a message of gratitude and respect

October 16, 2020

MOUNT FOREST, Ontario – Students at Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest are sharing a message of gratitude and respect.

The school’s Life Skills “Den” students built and posted a message to frontline workers this week on the school grounds. The wooden letters were cut and painted by the students with the assistance of teachers, Dave Griffiths and Greg Senyshyn, and educational assistants, Dorothy Dunbar and Kim Uhrig. 

WHSS staff and students pictured next to a wooden sign the made to thank frontline workers.

Some of the letters were painted a rainbow of colours to show respect for the LGBTQ community, and other letters were painted black to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, both of which were part of the equity learning in this creative project. 

The message reads, “Thank You Frontline Workers. Be Safe.” 

The students and staff at Wellington Heights SS are grateful for the work and dedication of frontline workers, and through this project want to show appreciation and gratitude for all that frontline workers do to keep their school and local community safe during the pandemic.

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