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Young authors publish their own stories at Hyland Heights Elementary School

December 8, 2021

Hyland HeightsGUELPH, Ontario – It was a regular library period for Jacqueline Hume’s grade 3/4 class. Their librarian read them the Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk.

A book about a mouse that writes his own stories inspired these students to do the same. Their teacher decided to take that inspiration and work it into a lesson plan. 

I started teaching the students about parts of a story. How stories have a beginning, middle, end, problem, and a solution. We also talked about adding details to our writing and to the pictures.  The last lesson the students worked on was the editing process. Making sure they had capitals where needed, punctuation marks, and correct spelling of words,” said Humes. 

Some of the students worked collaboratively on their stories, while others chose to work by themselves. Here are a list of their stories: 

Since writing their stories and displaying it in their school’s Learning Commons, other students have been inspired to write stories of their own. 

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