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Policy 208 Smoke and Vape-Free Environment

Policy Statement

This policy is primarily governed by the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA), which prohibits smoking or the holding of lit tobacco products and smoking or the holding of lit cannabis products in enclosed workplaces, on school property, and public areas within 20 metres of school property.

It is the policy of the Upper Grand District School Board to prohibit smoking and the use of tobacco products, emerging tobacco industry products, tobacco-related products including e-cigarettes and vapourizers, cannabis and cannabis-related products and any smoking paraphernalia on school board property (including in personal vehicles) and when at off property locations during school board and school-related events (e.g., field trips).

The Upper Grand District School Board acknowledges the distinct and inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples and is committed to ensuring Indigenous staff and students are not deprived of their rights and are provided with a working and learning environment that is free from racism and discrimination of any kind.

In accordance with the SFOA and the Ontario Human Rights Code, this policy acknowledges that exceptions and accommodations are made for the traditional use of tobacco that forms part of Indigenous culture. When a member of the board’s Indigenous community intends to light or burn tobacco or other medicines for traditional Indigenous cultural purposes, every effort will be made to accommodate these practices in an appropriately designated space.


First adopted: August 1999
Revision history: June 2016, June 2017, October 2018, May 2019 (208-A only), May 2023 (208-A only), October 2023, January 2024 (208-A only)