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Policy 503 Safe Schools

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Upper Grand District School Board to support and maintain a positive school climate for all students, staff and the community.  A positive school climate is accepting and inclusive of all.

As part of this mandate the board will strive to eliminate all forms of bullying through prevention and intervention strategies which foster positive learning environments, support academic achievement and help students to reach their full potential.

The board considers the following to be unacceptable:

as well as harassment on the basis of:

The board supports the use of positive practices including prevention and early intervention as well as consequences for inappropriate behaviour.  This includes Progressive Discipline, and suspension and expulsion where necessary. However, before applying disciplinary measures, the discriminatory and disproportionate impacts of disciplinary decisions on students protected by the Human Rights Code shall be considered.

Students who are suspended or expelled shall be given an opportunity to continue their education.


First adopted: June 2010
Revision history: June 2013, November 2018