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Policy 517 Service Dogs for Students

Public Consultation and Policy Feedback

Public consultation on this draft policy is now open.  Feedback will be received until March 29, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

Service dogs are trained to help people who have a disability.  The Upper Grand District School Board recognizes that some students with a disability may require the use of a service dog at school.  This policy has been developed to outline the process for the consideration of a service dog accommodation for a student at school.

This policy is important to students, parents, staff, school councils, community partners and members of the local community because the use of a service dog by a student with a disability in the school requires the cooperation of the entire school community.

Draft Policies and Procedures


Public consultation on this draft policy is now open.

Click on the survey link to provide your feedback.  Survey feedback for Policy 517.

Policy Statement

The Education Act includes provisions to address the needs of students with disabilities who have been identified as “exceptional pupils.” School boards must provide special education programs and services to these students.

The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to meeting the educational needs of all students in the board, and to provide accommodations, where possible, to support students who have a disability to access their education program, and/or to fully participate in school.


First adopted: October 2006 (as Protocol for Service Dogs in Schools for Students with Special Needs)
Revision history: April 2011 Currently under review (see top of page for draft documents)