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Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol


The Upper Grand District School Board, Wellington Catholic District School Board, Police Services and their community partners are committed to making our schools and communities safe.  The term “partner” in this document is not intended to mean a legal partnership, but rather a collaborative arrangement.  The goal of early intervention by the school boards, community partners, child/youth and families will be to reduce and manage school or community violence and harm to self or others.

This protocol supports collaborative planning among schools, community partners, families, children and youth, to reduce violence and to reflect safe, caring and restorative approaches.  It fosters timely sharing of information about a child or youth who poses a risk for violence towards themselves or others. It is the process of deliberately trying to “connect the dots” that paints the picture that a person is moving on a path towards serious violence before a violent act occurs.  The protocol promotes supportive and preventive plans being put in place.


Revision history: September 2015 (2nd edition), May 2019 (Third edition) (revised June 5, 2020), April 2023 (Fourth Edition)