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UGDSB Counts: Student Census 2022

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NEW: Learn more about the Student Census!

The UGDSB Counts Student Census launches on September 19, 2022, for all students in the UGDSB, K-12. 

Learn more about the Census by watching this informational video:

Student Census Presentation Inverse

UGDSB Students Discuss the Census



Why is the UGDSB collecting identity-based data?


How can we be counted in the UGDSB Counts Student Census?

What data will the UGDSB be collecting?

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UGDSB Counts Student Census Questions:

Parent/Guardian Informational Letter (June 2022):

Additional Feedback:

In addition to the extensive consultation and feedback processes embedded in the UGDSB’s process, we would like to extend an additional way for members of our school communities to provide feedback. To complete our general feedback form on the Student Census, please click here.


Privacy is of the utmost concern for the Upper Grand District School Board. In order to safeguard student data, extensive procedures and protocols have been put in place throughout the life cycle of the data. The UGDSB has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment to make sure processes and protocols are in place to protect this data throughout its life cycle.



Analysis and Reporting:

Student Data Cycle