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The Kindness Campaign

Kindness Campaign Web Banner

In November 2019, the Upper Grand District School Board launched a campaign promoting a culture of kindness and positivity online and on social media.

On Wednesday Nov. 20, during Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week, the Kindness Campaign launched on social media. The campaign will continue throughout the year, featuring student work and kind acts in our schools and communities. You can follow along by following @ugdsb and the hashtags #IncreaseKindness and #UGKindness on Twitter.

Throughout the school year, schools and departments will share ways that our students and staff promote positive online behaviour, practice digital citizenship, and spread kindness. Parents/guardians and community members are welcome to join in too, by sharing examples of how they model good behaviour for their kids online or highlighting acts of kindness they see.

Picture shows hand-written notes with kind messages on them.

Let’s work together to Make Kindness Contagious and Make Connections with Good Intentions!