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Students celebrate Lunar New Year at Westminster Woods PS

February 12, 2024

Guelph, ON — Grade 6 students at Westminster Woods Public School are wishing their peers a happy Lunar New Year.

Students from Gillian Whitcombe’s grade 6 class at Westminster Woods PS came up with the idea to make a dragon and parade it through the school.

The students did all of the building and design themselves. They worked out who would play each role, made the dragon and signs, found music and got enough New Year’s stickers for all the students in Kindergarten to grade 6.

Recently, the grade 6 students paraded through the school with music playing and visited each class. 

“This project was particularly important to my students because it is the year of the dragon, and they were born 12 years ago in the year of the dragon. A significant number of students in my class are Chinese Canadian and they spearheaded this project,” said Whitcombe. 

This photo features a group of students, some are dressed as a cardboard dragon while others are holding up signs with Chinese characters.

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