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UGUmbrella: The quality of being thankful – this November we celebrate Gratitude

November 2, 2020

GUELPH, Ontario – This October, we introduced students, staff and community members to The Umbrella Project.

The Umbrella Project, founded by Dr. Jen Forristal, will have monthly themes, activities and curriculum links to support students and staff as they focus on wellness.

The theme for November is Gratitude. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It is an essential skill that helps us keep our focus on what we have, instead of what we do not have. This skill is especially important at a time when there are so many restrictions in place at school, home and in the community.

By helping students and staff focus on gratitude, we will balance out some of the fear, anger and negativity we are seeing and will keep the positives in the forefront of our minds.

Some of the ways that you can practice gratitude skills are:

Let us know about the ways you are practising gratitude during the month of November by tweeting using the hashtag #UGUmbrella.

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