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Wellness Works: October’s theme is cognitive flexibility

October 4, 2022 

This month, Upper Grand District School Board schools are exploring cognitive flexibility, as part of the ongoing Wellness Works initiative. Cognitive flexibility is important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity.

Cognitive flexibility can be defined as:

Cognitive flexibility will also help individuals understand people and situations that are different from theirs and improve their relationships. However you choose to bring this skill building and exploration into your home, make sure you do so with empathy and compassion for yourself and your child/ren and/or youth.

So what can you do?

Support your child/ren with developing reflection skills and strategies by prompting them to extend their thinking about things. For example, when you ask your child/ren how school was, prompt them to extend their answer by asking them to consider 1-2 things that made them suggest it was a certain way. Try prompts like “tell me more…,” “what makes you feel that way,” and/or “how is this like/unlike other things you’ve experienced?” If helpful, try Reflection Stems to support them in communicating their thoughts.

Jenny Marino
UGDSB Mental Health Lead
#MHUG on Twitter

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