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Wellness Works: This November we’re focusing on Problem Solving

November 1, 2023

GUELPH, ON – “Problem solving is an everyday skill that impacts all parts of a student’s academic and personal success. Students with strong problem-solving skills are more able to approach problems positively. Ideally, students develop a foundation of social problem-solving skills that allow them to manage choice making and complex social interactions with skilled decision making through repeated practice.” (Daunic, et. al, 2012; Diamond & Lee, 2011).

This month, the Upper Grand District School Board is focusing on problem solving. Problem solving is about gathering information, trying to understand, and identifying potential solutions. This is a great skill that you can focus on with your child/ren and students that will help them in so many ways.

Here are some things you can try at home and in the classroom:

“Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” – Roger Lewin

The Wellness Works Committee

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