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Policy 501 Out of Area and Out of District Attendance

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) to establish school attendance areas to ensure equitable and effective program offerings in all schools.  It is the expectation of the UGDSB that students will attend their designated elementary or secondary home school for Regular Track or French Immersion in their attendance area.  

All UGDSB schools offer dynamic programming that is supported by effective staff and a committed community.  The board acknowledges that circumstances may lead to requests for a student to attend a school outside of their attendance area and is committed to addressing the needs of its students while maintaining viable programs in all of its schools.


First adopted: June 1998
Revision history: November 2006, June 2018, January 2019 (501-A only), March 2023 (501-A only), June 2023