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UGDSB Learning at Home

Learning At Home SquareThe Upper Grand District School Board has launched Learning at Home, the board’s distance learning program, which provides teacher-led instruction to UGDSB students, assisted by our support staff.

Teachers are using various forms of communication to deliver a teacher-led distance learning model of instruction that focuses on ongoing connections with students for the duration of the closure.

The UGDSB Learning at Home program is evolving in stages. As we work through the process of developing systems for Learning at Home within the UGDSB community, we want families to know that we are very aware this is a challenging time for some of our students. 

We have been strategically looking at how best to support our students’ learning needs as well as their mental health and well-being, with recognition that distance learning is not ideal for every student or an option for everyone. 

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we continue to evolve our plan and transition our students and staff to a distance learning model. 

Setting students up for success

While learning at home, students will take part in a variety of activities. We hope that these activities will not only be engaging for your child but also build some structure into their days at home. To support families, the UGDSB has put together some helpful tips to set your child up for success.

We have developed a webpage called “Supporting Online Learning” that offers examples of routines and schedules that families can implement into their daily routine. We have also put together ideas to help families build in some breaks to help reduce the stress or frustration that students may be experiencing. Occasionally, even with breaks students can continue to experience frustration. Here we offer 10 Helpful Hints for dealing with behaviours that will support you and your child. We also recommend that parents visit our Mental Health Resources webpage, which offers strategies and coping skills for parents and kids.

Resources for students with special education needs

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) remain in full effect. Teachers are providing accommodations to the greatest extent possible in order to accommodate students with IEPs.

Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) will support students and classroom teachers during this closure period in the areas of instruction, assessment and evaluation. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s classroom teacher(s) or SERT(s) if they have any questions or concerns. Schools are actively working on innovative and creative ways to deliver, support and instruction to our students in our Specialized Class Placements. The board is actively planning ways to ensure that students have access to SEA technology devices.

The board has also launched a parent/guardian website with resources and information for supporting students with special education needs. To visit the parent website click here. 

Access to technology, internet and printed materials

The UGDSB fully recognizes that not all students have reliable devices or internet connectivity. During the week of March 30 to April 3, classroom teachers reached out to families to collect information regarding their technological needs. The week of April 6, the board delivered thousands of Chromebook computers to students who indicated they did not have access to technology. The board is also exploring alternate ways of accessing the internet in areas where it is limited or not available.

To view information on options for home internet, please click here

Teachers will use the communication method that is accessible to both themselves and each student. Teachers will also make accommodations to deliver and receive instruction and assessment in hard copy format if necessary for those students who require it.


Number of Hours for Student Work


 Method of Instruction

K-Grade 3

5 Hours*

Literacy & Math 

Teachers will provide links to materials or share materials directly using Google Classroom, Google Sites, Brightspace (D2L) or direct emailing of lessons to parents.

Resources will include links to videos, graphic organizers, and texts/reading material for students. The resources will vary between classes depending on content that needs to be covered. 

In cases where online learning is not possible, arrangements will be made to have lessons directly mailed to families. 

Grades 4-6

5 Hours*

Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies

Grades 7-8

10 Hours*

Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies

Grades 9-12

3 hours* of work per course per week for semestered student

Achieving credits/completion/graduation

*The hours refer to an approximate minimum amount of time students would spend on the work assigned by teachers.

For additional information regarding Learning at Home for elementary and secondary students, please visit the board website:

Links and Resources