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Find My School

UGDSB’s School Locator Tool

Find your home school by using the UGDSB’s School Locator tool. Simply click on the link, then begin your search by clicking either English or French Immersion at the bottom of the map. The map results for your home address will show the attendance area for the selected grade, highlight the home school location, and display school contact information and details.

LINK: UGDSB’s School Locator tool

You can also use Find My School – – to look up which school a student will attend. You will need the residential address and grade level. By default the search is for the English regular track school, or optionally select French Immersion. Until March Break the website will display attendance locations for the current school year. Following March Break the site gives users the option of selecting the current school year, or the future school year starting in September.

Transportation Eligibility

To find out if a student is eligible for transportation, visit For more information on school transportation visit