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About Pathways

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Pathways are about destinations. In a postsecondary context – they refer to five main areas: college, apprenticeship, university, workplace, and community living. It is important to note that pathways are fluid and non-linear, so they will shift and change many times throughout our lives. 

Pathways Planning

When we talk about pathways planning, we are talking about the conversations, experiences, and questions that support students in thinking about who they are and who they want to become.

This includes the choices students make around what activities they participate in, what courses they take, and what career/education choices they pursue, as part of their on-going consideration of who they are.

 “The term career has several meanings. It can refer strictly to a person’s occupational history in a particular field or, more broadly, to the sum of a person’s experiences in a variety of roles throughout life. In the second sense, every person has a career, which includes work, learning, community engagement, and relationships with family and friends.”

What is ‘Creating Pathways to Success?’

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Creating Pathways to Success

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