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What are you grateful for? This April Wellness Works explores gratitude 

April 4, 2024 

GUELPH, ON – This month, the Wellness Works committee is focusing on gratitude. Gratitude plays a significant role in our overall well-being and more than just “good manners.” 

One way to express gratitude is to say a simple “thank you,” but did you know there are so many other ways to nurture and identify gratitude? 

Let’s explore the ways that gratitude can happen: 

Gratitude is not just about receiving; it is also about giving. What can you do with your child/ren, students or even yourself? 

Taking just a bit of time to identify gratitude can have an impact. At the Upper Grand, we are grateful to all parents, guardians, elders, and caregivers who support our communities’ children and youth.  

The Wellness Works Committee 

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