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Learning in the UGCloud

Through the installation of wireless technology (Wi-Fi), teachers have begun to incorporate more digital resources into their lessons. These resources have changed the learning landscape. Students and teachers are able to access web-based content, resources, experts, research and collaboration tools.

Here are some of the ways staff & students may use the UGCloud to enhance learning:

Google Apps for Education

App How used by students
google docs
  • vocabulary development
  • note taking
  • document creation/editing


google presentations
  • inquiry & research
  • embedding maps
  • sharing created videos
  • presentation creation/editing


google spreadsheets
  • calculation & graphing activities
  • data analysis
  • office productivity


google forms
  • polls
  • surveys
  • data collection
  • assessments


google drawings
  • mind mapping
  • diagrams
  • logo design
  • poster creation


google sites
  • portfolios
  • inquiry & research
  • class learning environments
  • teacher newsletters
  • wikis, blogs, podcasts
  • sharing images, videos, forms, documents, maps, presentations, etc.


google calendar
  • parent info
  • planner
  • time management


Classes may also participate in a variety of other activities, including:


Terms of Service of UGCloud

The account has been created and managed by the Upper Grand D.S.B. Your user name and password are identical to the network login you use at school.

At all times, users will conduct themselves in accordance with their School Code of Conduct and all applicable Board Policies (including but not limited to: Policy #318 Acceptable use of Digital Technology; Policy #213 Code of Conduct; Policy #503 Safe Schools; and Policy #315 Privacy Protection and Information Access and the Laws of Ontario. Information on these and other polices can be found on this website). Behaviour that would not be tolerated at school will not be tolerated on Here.

The Upper Grand D.S.B. reserves the right to access the data stored on the Upper Grand D.S.B. Google Application Workspace, regardless of ownership, including current and archival files of users accounts when there is reasonable suspicion that illegal or unacceptable use has occurred.

Use of this service is restricted to current staff and students of the Upper Grand District School Board only. All other access is strictly prohibited. As much as possible, the Board will control access and will monitor students’ activity. However, information created and/or stored here is done so at the users’ risk. The Upper Grand D.S.B. cannot be held responsible for data stored as it is outside of the care and control of the Board. All users will indemnify and save harmless the Board, its employees, officers, trustees and agents from and against any allegations, claims, costs, damages, expenses, suits, settlements, awards or proceedings (including without limitation legal expenses) penalties or fines arising out of any injury to persons (including injuries resulting in death) or loss of or damage to property of others which may be or be alleged to be caused by or suffered as a result of the provision of or as a result of the use of this service.