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Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Login with your ‘[email protected]‘ userID to modify or reset your or account.  Select one of the following options.

I know my password and want to CHANGE it 


I forgot my password and want to RESET it



  1. Does this work to change my edsmbli and ConnectEd password?
    • Yes, it does.
  2. Does this work to change my ugcloud password?
    • This will change your ugcloud password, but you need to login with your UGDSB credentials.
  3. I don’t remember my password.
    • Complete – reset my password
  4. Can I use a business telephone number?
    • We do not recommend using a business number.  The system uses the phone number to call or text.  We would not want to send the information to someone else. 
    • You should use a phone number or email address you can easily access.
  5. Can I use a cell phone number?
    • Absolutely 
  6. Can I install the Authentication application?
    • Yes please!  Installing the Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone will make password recovery much easier.
    • We do have plans to ensure everyone eventually has this installed.  Thanks for considering be first to set it up.  
  7. How do we know if we’ve already done it?
    • In your, Security Infor page you will have some alternate contact methods defined.
    • Then you can simply close the window.

I need more help!

Call the helpdesk at 519-822-4420 ext. 247