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Wellington North Accommodation Review


At the board meeting on February 24, 2015, trustees voted to approve “Option One – Status Quo,” the recommendation made by the Wellington North Elementary Accommodation Review Committee to keep Kenilworth PS open. Trustees also directed that the Full Day Kindergarten renovation be completed at Kenilworth PS, along with projects identified in the annual Renewal Projects report received by the Board last November.


At the Board meeting on March 25, 2014 trustees voted to commence the Wellington North Elementary Accommodation Review. The key purpose of the review was to consider the future status of Kenilworth Public School, for reasons described in Report #1. The Accommodation Review  included Kenilworth PS, Victoria Cross PS, and Arthur PS. The Review began in April 2014, and a final decision was made by trustees in February 2015.

The previous Wellington North Elementary Accommodation Review concluded on June 24, 2003. At the time, the Board decided to approve renewal expenditures at Kenilworth PS and expand its attendance area to encompass all of the former Arthur Township, effective September 2005. Further, the motion indicated that if the enrolment at Kenilworth PS were to fall below 120 students for two consecutive years, the Board would close Kenilworth PS and reassign students to either Arthur PS or Victoria Cross PS.

The enrolment trigger was met, however several factors including a Ministry imposed moratorium on school closures in 2005 and associated changes in the Province’s Accommodation Review Guidelines prevented the Board from acting on the closure motion.

As a result of the need to implement Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) at Kenilworth PS in 2014 and the associated FDK capital expenditures, the issue of the future of Kenilworth PS was raised again in February 2013. Given the outcome of the previous Accommodation Review and need to determine whether FDK funding should be spent at Kenilworth PS, it is appropriate for Staff to undertake a new Accommodation Review process in Wellington North to confirm the school’s status.