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Career/Life Planning – a Pillar of Student Success

The world is increasingly complex, interconnected, and dynamic. Now more than ever, all students need to develop the skills, knowledge and habits of mind associated with effective education and career/life planning.

Schools’ comprehensive education and career/life planning programs are framed by an inquiry process that is based on four questions linked to four areas of learning:

Ontario has a vision: that all students will leave secondary school with a clear plan for their initial postsecondary destination (apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, the workplace) and confidence in their ability to implement and revise their plans throughout their lives (p. 8, Creating Pathways to Success). 

At UGDSB, we are committed to all students, K-12+, having equitable opportunities to explore and experience diverse pathway options. Through these opportunities, we aim to support student optimism for a rich and vibrant future, regardless of which initial pathway they choose, and how their plans might shift and change throughout their lives.

Check out our Pathways Website to learn more about Career/Life Planning programming in UGDSB.