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Student Success Programs

These programs are available to any secondary school student residing within the Upper Grand District School Board, or to students living outside the Board by special arrangement. School bus transportation is only available for programs located at a school, and only to students living in the attendance area for that school.


Cadence is a leadership program for students that are at risk of not graduating. This program comprises of a small community of teachers and students that work towards goals of regular attendance, increased skills and credit accumulation, with the ultimate goal of graduation. Students will achieve 4 credits during the semester, and complete their volunteer hours through community outreach projects. This program provides direct instruction, character development, and experiential leadership training.

*Please note that Cadence will not be running in the 2019-20 school year

Centre Street Alternative Education

Location: W & M Edelbrock Centre, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville
An off-site alternative education program, comprised of course work or co-op programming for at work students, ages 16 years and older. The program operates over two semesters. For more information contact your school’s Guidance Department or co-op teacher.

Continuous Intake Co-op (CIC)

Locations: workplaces and the Shelldale Centre, 20 Shelldale Crescent, Guelph
CIC is an off-site program where students earn up to four co-op credits while working in a paid position. This program is designed for students who have over 24 credits. Students complete Credit Recovery or Independent Learning Courses. CIC provides teacher support for students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This program runs both semesters.

Co-op Recall: 18-21 Year Olds

Location: workplaces
Co-op Recall is an outreach program for youth who find regular school attendance difficult to manage due to life circumstances. The major goal for Recall students is to gain co-op credits, usually at their place of work. Students can also complete some compulsory credits through night school, e-learning or correspondence booklets. Contact for applying to this program is based on the same SAL area teachers.


Location: your own home
Upper Grand offers two kinds of eLearning opportunities. Through Student Success, secondary students have access to over 450 available courses offered in a secure, digital learning environment. Students and teachers use computers to communicate the majority of the course work, which typically follows school semesters. Students must contact a Guidance Counsellor at their school to enroll in an eLearning course offering. Learn more about eLearning for students. The Continuing Education Department also offers a range of eLearning secondary school credit courses for people of all ages, with flexible start dates and optional onsite facility.

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)

Location: all secondary schools, various off-site
SAL is a program designed to assist and support youth between the ages of 14-17 who find it very difficult to attend regular school. Admittance in to this program is suggested through school Principals who have tried other “re-engagement” strategies like “Alt Ed” or a “reduced timetable.” SAL is always third or four on the list of school interventions to reengage the “non-attender”. SAL students can achieve credits through Co-op, Independent Learning Centre booklets, night school or eLearning.

School within a Factory (SWAF) SWAF_Logo_small

Location: Guelph, Arthur, Mount Forest, Palmerston, Harriston
SWAF is a program developed to assist adult students (18yrs+) in earning their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while remaining full-time employees (particularly in the manufacturing industry). This unique program brings the classroom to the employees, is flexible to accommodate the student’s work schedule and offers credit courses that have both in-class and independent study components. SWAF website.

Young Parents Education Program

Location: Shelldale Centre, 20 Shelldale Crescent, Guelph
An off-site afternoon program for students who are pregnant or have a young child. It runs both semesters. Students complete one credit as a class as well as one or more credit recoveries or independent or eLearning courses.